Jenx Nursery Table

Angle adjustable activity table for children sitting on the floor. Great complimentary product to the Jenx Corner Seat


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Large, plastic play/activity surface and can be used flat, angled or as an easel. The frame is adjustable for height and the Nursery Table can be used to great effect with the Jenx Corner Seat.

A short strap attaches the two items in use to prevent a child tipping the table over. The plastic surface is easy to wipe clean and it is cut out to one side to allow the child to get really close to his or her table-top activities, and has edging around the remainder of surface to reduce the risk of objects sliding off.

Cheerful and adaptable – a great item for all sorts of activities

Base Size
38 cm x 60.5 cm
38 cm x 60.5 cm42 cm x 70 cm
Table Top Angle Range
+40º to -40º from horizontal
+40º to -40º from horizontal+40º to -40º from horizontal
Table Top Size
51 cm x 60.5 cm
51 cm x 60.5 cm51 cm x 70.5 cm
Table Height
19 - 28 cm
24.5 - 34.5 cm
29 - 44 cm
Fits Corner Seat Size*
Size 1
Size 2Size 3
* Note that all Nursery Tables can be used with all Corner Seats. This is a recommendation only.

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