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For additional shoulder strap security

Can be fitted to harnesses to hold the shoulder straps together and prevent them from slipping off.

Dimensions: 10cm high x 13cm wide.

*** Images of Anti-Escape Buckle and Pen Release buckle are showing the buckles on different products*** 

Pen/Key release buckle upgrade includes device for buckle release.

WARNING!: May Present Hazard

The Harness Cross Strap should only be used if required to prevent shoulder straps falling down, or as a restraint mechanism when a user is escaping from their harness.

Potential risk of injury increases due to the device’s proximity to the neck area.

Please ensure that the cross strap is located far enough down to be safe for the user.

Cross Straps must not be used on Harnesses with Chest Pads as the Cross Strap would be too near to the neck.

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